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Following are classes which I have taught at Cosumnes River College:

CIS 79B: Networking Theory and Routing Technologies (Intel Routers and Switches)

CISA 315: Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets

CISA 340: Presentation Graphics

CISC 308: Exploring Computer Environments and the Internet

CISC 320: Operating Systems (Linux)

CISC 321: Intermediate Operating Systems (Linux)

CISC 360: Information & Communication Technology Essentials (A+)

CISN 300: Network Systems Administration (Linux)

CISN 301: Network Client Systems Administration (Linux)

CISN 302: Intermediate Network Systems Administration

CISN 303: Network Administration Linux Server

CISN 304: Networking Technologies

CISN 308: Internetworking with TCP/IP

CISN 341: Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) Networking Theory and Routing Technologies

CISN 342: Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation

CISN 490: Networking Helpdesk Practicum

CISS 300: Introduction to Information Systems Security

CISS 301: Ethical Hacking

CISS 310: Network Security Fundamentals

CISS 316: Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) Cybersecurity Operations

CISS 327: Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) Security: Implementing Network Security

CISS 330: Implementing Internet Security and Firewalls

CISS 341: Implementing Windows Operating System Security

CISS 342: Implementing Linux Operating System Security

CISS 350: Disaster Recovery

CISS 356: Introduction to Information Assurance

CISS 360: Computer Forensics and Investigation

HCIT 100: Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.

HCIT 132: Configuring Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

HCIT 140: Introduction to Health Records Management Information Systems

HCIT 142: Installation and Maintenance of Health Care IT Systems

HCIT 144: Working with Health Care IT Systems

HCIT 160: Professionalism and Customer Service in the Health Care Environment

Following are classes which I have taught at Fresno City College:

CIT 40: Systems and Network Administration/Computer Operating Systems

CIT 48B: A+ and Security Principles

CIT 54B: Cybersecurity Operations

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