CISS 356   


Prerequisite: CISS 310 with a grade of "C" or better
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 45 hours LEC; 27 hours LAB

This course introduces the network security specialist to the various methodologies for attacking a network. Students will be introduced to the concepts, principles, and techniques, supplemented by hands-on exercises, for attacking and disabling a network within the context of properly securing a network. The course will emphasize network attack methodologies with the emphasis on student use of network attack techniques and tools and appropriate defenses and countermeasures. Students will receive course content information through a variety of methods: lecture and demonstration of hacking tools will be used in addition to a virtual environment. Students will experience a hands-on practical approach to penetration testing measures and ethical hacking. C-ID ITIS 164

Schedule: Eight Week - Second, June 10 - August 2
Class code 11750
Wednesday 6:00-9:20pm

Hybrid Class - partly online/partly classroom - Instructor and students have both classroom meetings and online activities. Online Orientation. For additional online course information go to Canvas the first week of class for further instructions.

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