The Scientific Method

I. What is science? Science is the objective study of natural phenomena

II. The scientific method is the process of objectively analyzing phenomena and drawing logical conclusions. Steps in the scientific method include:

You may find that the progress of scientific research does not necessarily follow these steps exactly. For example, after testing a hypothesis, you may decide it necessary to retest your hypothesis, propose another hypothesis, gather more data, or ask another question. The scientific method is straightforward and easy enough that non-scientists can learn it and use it for their own interest. Oddly enough, some of the most pioneering science comes from accidental discoveries, or serindipity. When a hypothesis has survived rigorous, extensive scrutiny, it may be elevated to a theory.

III. Metric system
    A.  Commonly in the US, the English system of weights and measures is used.
          1.  Examples of English system units include: inches, feet, yards, miles, gallons, quarts, pounds
          2.  Conversions can be tricky between units.
    B.  The rest of the world (and the science community) uses the metric system.